Tax-free shopping is easy and stress-free with the fully digitalized Refundit mobile App that cuts through the red tape for tourists, and helps you skip the lines, including the ones at the airport.

With Refundit’s simple and easy to use app, you’ll get your VAT refund in no time and in most cases, receive your VAT refund confirmation prior to reaching the airport being free to head straight to your flight.

More than 50 countries allow tourists to get VAT refunds for purchases of products they take when they leave. In Europe, VAT on clothing, electronics, toys, etc. range between 17% to 27%. With Refundit, your refund claim can be sent off before you even reach the airport. And, you can get refunds from purchases in all stores, including small and medium size local stores. Refundit also sets a new standard presenting the lowest and most transparent fees: our handling fee is just 9% as compared to traditional companies which charge 30%-50% of the refund.

Our vision is to improve the process and help tourists get what is rightfully theirs, easily, to their benefit, while stimulating economies and small and medium size businesses across Europe.

Our founders are long time passionate entrepreneurs, who aspire to empower consumers and save them time and money.

Ziv Tirosh: Co-Founder and former CEO of Stockton Bio. Ziv has been active in numerous start-ups in Board and investment roles.

Uri Levine: Co-Founder Waze and serial entrepreneur who dedicates his life to creating great value for consumers globally and to disrupting inefficient markets and improving under-functioning services